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Turn online shoppers

into in-store customers

NearSt brings local customers to your store by automatically showing all your products online.

Increase awareness & footfall

Help online shoppers find your store and the products you're selling. NearSt automatically shows the items you stock online, boosting awareness over other shops nearby.

Bring your shop online in minutes

Your own fully integrated webshop with all your products listed instantly. We connect NearSt to your EPOS system, uploading all your products effortlessly.

Start selling with Click&Collect 

and 1-hour delivery

Offer customer-pleasing purchase options, all handled with just 1 click in-store. We fully manage the delivery process so you can focus on your shop.

Simple pricing

We only charge a small commission on incremental sales

A small commission 

on incremental sales

Fully managed 

1-hour delivery 

and Click&Collect



online store 

"NearSt is allowing stores to innovate on a more fundamental level: convenience."

"How the high street 

can take on Amazon... 

and win"

"Amazon without Amazon:

 a hybrid of online shopping with the high street."

NearSt on New York Times

Sounds awesome! But how much does it cost?

Am I tied into a contract?

I have a really old inventory system, can I still join?

Do I need to spend lots of time each week updating my inventory?

I don't have a smartphone - can I still use NearSt?

Absolutely positively! You can manage orders from any web browser, whether that's on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Definitely not! NearSt has been built to take just 5 minutes of your time each week to keep updated. This is thanks to our clever NearLive platform.

Being part of our shop community is free - there are no joining or monthly membership fees. We only charge a simple admin fee on any extra sales generated through our site.

Nope! We're a small business too, and understand you need the flexibility to join and leave when you want.

Absolutely. The magic of our NearLive platform means any business can get up and running in just a few minutes.

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Join us and help shape the future of 

high street shopping

Helping you find products nearby.

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